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You Are Intuitive

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Everybody can learn how to be intuitive.

A big piece in connecting to your intuition is to remember that innocence about you. To cultivate presence, be childlike and create an openness.

Intuition is the ability to 'move out of the way' so that something else can come through you. It's your way of connecting to your spirit guides and your loved ones. It is your gut sense and something that you can trust.

You have had your intuition since you were born and it has never left.

Intuition is the universal connection that everybody has. It's the voice that comes through a person and the gut sense which is not your brain. Intuition is honesty in the moment. Your brain is not. Your brain negotiates. Intuition is always straightforward. Intuition is a tool that can be a personal assistant in your life.

Connecting to your intuition can create an opportunity for you to navigate your life in a way that makes you happier.

It is a tool that can help you know what your life purpose is and how you can move forward in your life in a positive way. It's mostly to do it for yourself. Intuition is accessible for any religion or spiritual life. It has no affinity of any direction. It can be a great addition to anything you already have in your life.

Connecting to your intuition is to have that sort of connection with yourself so that you are self aware.

From that self awareness you are able to make decisions from an intuitive place so you know how to trust yourself and trust your gut sense and act on it so that you can have the life you want. The universe is always conspiring to give you what you want. Your intuition is always telling you the truth and it can be a best friend in your life that helps you make a decision when it is hard to know what the right decision might be.

Connecting to your intuition is love.

The more you come into a natural synchronicity with your heart vibrations the more making decisions doesn't matter because you trust that life will take care of itself. When your intuitive knowingness is strong you will sense the answers. You will follow the pointing of your intuition.

If you trust your intuition, it will lead you to your best life.

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