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About Candice

My Story


Candice Parisi has been a leading, professional intuitive for over 25 years. Even as a young child Candice can remember being able to access divine guidance to point others toward their highest truths. She is a highly accurate and direct-delivery style psychic and medium who creates a sacred space for profound transformation. Candice has an extraordinary presence and communicates in a way that is clear and relatable as she unlocks the doors of potential for her clients.


Her travels across eastern and western countries have had a profound impact on how she relates to and helps clients transform. She has gained wisdom from revered spiritual teachers, mediums, and holy men. Candice has mastered her innate gift of seeing and hearing spirit guides and those who have transitioned to the other side. Her natural intuitive abilities were highly developed through consistent, intense meditation and spending extended periods of time of secluded in nature. 


Candice has a special love for on-stage events and is very comfortable on radio and teaching live. Candice formerly owned a wildly successful psychic store inside Universal Studios Hollywood and currently works full-time as a psychic, medium and intuitive development teacher. With students all over the world, Candice has a gift of guiding others on how to expand themselves and ignite their intuition. She is intensely passionate about teaching the masses how to listen to their own inner guidance.


Candice knows that personal empowerment begins inside a person and she has made it her life’s work to help others unlock their ability to see their authentic selves and successfully reach their goals. She explains what she does as having the ability to 'get out of the way' in order to bring them clear messages and insights about whatever it may be they are searching for. Above all, guiding others toward their own happiness is Candice's passion, purpose, and gift.



Psychic Readings


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