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9 Items to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home for Under $50

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Having a sacred space in your home can easily become your refuge in a busy world.

It's a place to call your own. It has your own stuff, smells and intentions. And can quickly become your favorite place to be.

A sacred space is a place you can go to meditate. A place to do automatic writing. And a place where you can connect and open your heart.

Having a sacred space does not need to cost you a bunch of money. Although it can be an entire room in your home with expensive rugs and carved out reading nooks, it can also be a simple spiritual corner in your bedroom. Your sacred space is somewhere in your life where you can have your stuff, you can sit down and clear your mind.

Here are nine items that I recommend adding to your sacred space.

Smudging Kit

Sage is a bundle of herbs that you burn as a sacred form of clearing a space. This kit comes with three California white sage smudging wands and an Abalone shell. It is a wonderful way to get started with smudging to purify your sacred space.

Peruvian Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo is a wood that you can burn to clear a room and yourself. It helps to purify a space in the same way that Sage does. You can also wave it around your body as a way of clearing yourself.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

A salt lamp is an awesome way to set the mood in your sacred space. They are known to clean the air, boost your mood and help you relax.

Adjustable Chair

While you are resting in your space, it is important to feel comfortable and at peace. A great way to make this happen is having a specific something to sit on that is dedicated to the space. This adjustable chair has a back rest and is well padded so you can sit for as long as you'd like.

Meditation Shawl

Sometimes we just like to feel comfy. This meditation shawl is wonderful for putting you at ease and even better for keeping you warm.

Sandalwood Mala

Having something to fiddle with as you focus on the present moment is a fantastic tool to help you connect deeper to your intuition. Your mind will be able to put energy and focus into the beads while they are in your hand so you can slow down your mind and relax into what is happening here and now.

Leather Journal

When you are sitting in your sacred space, it is a time to receive what comes to you in a meditative state. Oftentimes it can be beneficial to write down what comes to you during this time. Automatic writing is a way to allow intuition to flow through you. This can be captured in a beautiful journal that rests in your sacred space.

Healing Crystal Wands - Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian

Crystals are very grounding. They are from the Earth. They all have different meanings and separate things they bring to you when they are around in your life. This set of four crystals cover clarity of the mind, unconditional love, higher guidance, and protection.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound vibrations impact our brain's frequencies. Tibetan singing bowls are known to promote healing and create unique tones that can produce harmony and peace within ourself. They are a beautiful addition to your sacred space and have many positive benefits.

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